To pre-record your videos or to go with a live stream, what’s the best option?

Well, it really depends on you and what you need to achieve. Obviously, a quick Live video call is great at short notice but if you have the time or want to ensure your message is on-point then pre-recording makes sense.

Obviously if you want to chat with a client, a supplier etc then a live video chat is really the only option but if it’s simply sharing information about a service or product or showcasing your business the having the option to think about and plan your video makes a lot of sense.

“If you’re recording your videos you can easily do this on your device but make sure you prepare.”

You don’t really need to write a whole script but make some notes even in dot point form and clearly define what you want to say and how best to say to it. All the tips that we’ve shared in our previous articles apply, so its just a matter of you taking the plunge and creating your videos.

If you do create notes and you want to have them with you, try not to keep looking at them as it can make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Simply try to memorise your notes (as best you can) and then remember you’re the expert, you know your business better than anybody else so just share your natural talents and knowledge. Your notes should just be a prompter to keep you on track but if you really can’t get through it without them then try this…

Don’t be afraid of using video as an incredibly powerful tool to communicate, give it a go. You will get comfortable with it the more you use it and who knows, one day you might just be an internet sensation, if you’re not already!

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