When you’re holding conference calls and creating videos it can be really hard to watch if you’re moving around or if your camera is set in a strange position.

Having you viewer seeing up you nose or down your top can be uncomfortable for everybody, so try to position your camera at eye height.

As we’ve said previous articles, we want you to only use equipment that you already have, so if you have a tripod use it. Place your camera at eye height and starting filming. If you don’t have a tripod and many don’t, then find an alternative, here’s a few suggestions.

Place your device on a desk or table and if it’s a phone, prop up it up at the right height with some books or magazines. If you’re standing and want to hold the phone, then that’s ok for short calls as arms and hands can start to ache quickly even holding a lightweight device.

The number one rule is to try and hold your device as steady as you can and if you are going to be walking around or in a location where there’s no other choice, then hold the phone but try to keep it as steady as you can and don’t jump around all over the place. It’s easy to make your viewer feel motion sickness very quickly.

“Sure, movies and TV shows might use lots of camera motion and shake to create a high energy look or a certain delivery of a message and that is generally very well thought out and cleverly delivered.”

Generally, for easy communication and video creation we wouldn’t recommend it but hey its your videos and depending on your message you might like to consider that high energy movement style.

Don’t be afraid of using video as an incredibly powerful tool to communicate, give it a go. You will get comfortable with it the more you use it and who knows, one day you might just be an internet sensation, if you’re not already!

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