Videos are certainly becoming the easiest way to see things, learn how to do things and be entertained so why not use them to your advantage. In our local community we have a new stadium being built. Now by global or even national stadium standards our facility is quite small but for our town its quite a big deal and this is further enhanced by the fact that last year’s AFL Grand Final winning team have adopted Ballarat as their Victorian regional supporter base and as such will be playing AFL grade games for league points at our new stadium starting in August 2017.

In mid-2016 we thought this is a project that the community might like to see progress so we decided to create a video progress report released at regular intervals showing how the stadium is coming along. This project has been kindly partially funded by one of our clients and it has had a big impact in many areas, some of which we didn’t expect.

Firstly, its given our community an insight into a new and somewhat important project, seeing where the funding is being spent as well as just what it takes to build such a facility.It’s given many of the suppliers an opportunity to share what they do and how they are involved in such projects. It’s provided the construction companies (a JV partnership) a way to showcase their work together to show and potentially new future clients just some of their capabilities.For us, the production company, its given us an opportunity to show what we are capable of, even though this is a relatively simple project and it has opened many new doors for us, possibly doors that otherwise wouldn’t even have existed for us if we have not created this project.

This may well be a great example where we wanted to do something beyond the financial benefits, but something that we could help our community with in our own way. We now share these videos through quite a number of social media and on-line channels through organisations who distribute these videos to people both locally, nationally and yes even internationally.Food for thought, sometimes doing something that may seem small can grow into something much bigger.

Don’t always look at the profit margins but the potential to grow your business, whether you are creating the videos yourself or whether you engage a video production company to make them for you!

You can watch the videos HERE

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