Photos are great and there will always be a place for them whether it’s on the web and in printed materials. But it certainly won’t be too long before we’ll be regularly seeing videos in magazines, newspapers, even on business cards and greeting cards etc., the technology is already available.

So, it’s important that our video mindset is pushed beyond the boring. For those of us pushing into the “mature” category in age you might remember the old slide nights you’d be forced to watch after relatives had been on holiday or after a wedding etc. Video has certainly made these sorts of events more enjoyable to watch but how do you keep people entertained if they weren’t part of that event.

Photos can only offer so much and event video, and there are plenty on-line nowadays, can still be a little tedious to watch especially if they haven’t been created with the viewer in mind. There’s nothing worse than a great event let down by a terrible video, after all it may also may be the visual history of an event.

When it comes to adding excitement it’s not always about the footage you capture but the way you present it afterwards. We have regularly worked with event organisers to capture their special event but we strongly believe you also need to capture the “feel and excitement” of that event. This might be down to the music, talking with people, using a voice over or simply having creative ways to use graphics etc.

Our SwapMeet video is a great example. Yes, the event was exciting for people interested in all things cars but we hope that we also presented the feel or vibe of the event, making it also appeal to those who may not have the same passion for vehicles.

We feel that SwapMeet held annually in Ballarat was as much about the people, where they came from and so much more than just the car parts for sale. We had the lovely Kristy Lee help us out with some quick interviews and we spoke to a lot of people, amazingly from all over Australia and even some had come from overseas just for the event.

The video was produced a few years ago but we hope you get the idea.

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