We have recently been working with a client to assist them in creating a short video to share with students on how to create their own short videos.

I expect that may seem a little back to front but here’s the deal.


Our client wants to promote jobs within their industry and what better way to do that than have the people that already work within that industry tell others why they love it so much, what the benefits are and what the challenges might be.

The fact is people within this industry are based all over Australia and our client’s budget simply was too small to cover our costs to go all over the place to film these people. It was decided the easiest way would be to have people film themselves, maybe using a smart phone as they usually have great cameras, but the challenge can be getting a great video even when using a great camera.

We have therefore created a short instructional video (yes including the use of our phones to do the filming) explaining to people the basics on getting a video we can then use to create the final promotional video.

Why am I sharing this?

Well it comes down to service; our clients clearly couldn’t afford a big project so we had to work out ways to get the desired end-result without the big expense. I realise we don’t get anywhere near the same income as if we had pushed to do the whole project ourselves or maybe we could have opted to not assist and walk away entirely but to just focus on one project is very short sighted.

It’s commonly referred to as “swings and roundabouts”, what we gain on one area we might have to reduce in another but at the end of all this we have an extremely happy client, we’ll have some great videos to work with and a long-term relationship with our client that doesn’t look like ending anytime soon, at least that’s the way we see it.

Always have a long-term view when working with clients, after all,

what you strive for maybe just what you get!

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