We’re in the business of making professional videos and I guess like most industries that probably means we tend to spend lots of time looking at many other peoples’ videos, vlogs etc. Or maybe we just take more notice when people do make their own videos and let’s face it, there’s thousands uploaded every day.

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One thing that I have noticed more recently is there are now lots of people making videos about anything, usually something they’re passionate about or want to share with others, but there are a couple of issues that constantly arise. One is something I wrote about recently which is holding the camera/phone/device steady whilst filming and making movements slow and smooth.

It becomes incredibly hard to watch a video that simply makes you feel motion sick or you simply can’t see what you’re meant to see in the video due to constant, fast movement.

Another issue seems to be where people look when on camera talking to their audience. Now this will probably relate to people using their phones to make a video, but instead of looking at the camera, therefore looking at the viewer, people tend to look at the screen of the phone which means they are looking away from the camera. This often happens with software such as Skype, you want to look at the screen to see the person you’re talking to but it actually looks like your constantly looking away.

It’s quite noticeable and generally it’s like having a conversation with somebody who can’t look you in the eye. They look down, to one side and past you and it really seems like they are not connecting with you.

If you’re going to talk to somebody then look at the camera with the occasional glance at the screen just to make sure you are in the shot (or with Skype look at the camera when you talk and look at your screen when the other person talks).

In fact, better still try to not look away, but instead use your peripheral vision to keep an eye on your framing, use a tripod to hold the camera in position or if you’re moving around have somebody else hold and operate the camera, but again make sure they keep it steady and smooth.

Remember your viewer is the most important person in the process of the video, without them your videos would simply go unseen, so make sure you treat them well, look at them and help them to enjoy what you enjoy.

Happy filming!

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