Making Eye Contact

We’re in the business of making professional videos and I guess like most industries that probably means we tend to spend lots of time looking at many other peoples’ videos, vlogs etc. Or maybe [...]

The Problem with Driving Normal

Okay the description may be a little misleading but when you watch the video the message certainly isn't. It's all about communication and how we so often get it wrong, whether it’s at work, at [...]

What is Customer Service?

t’s something we all talk about regularly and we know in business one of the most important elements is the quality of service we are prepared to provide. Notice I used the word prepared, as I [...]

Common Sense Over No Cents

Yesterday I had a potential new client contact me enquiring about our services. She discussed what she needed and what she didn’t need and it was all very clear. When I asked what sort of budget [...]

What if they stay?

Here's another short, simple but very inspirational video from Tom O'Toole. It's one of those dilemmas that many business owners often face, especially if your business has transient staff. With [...]

1001 Uses for Video

Even though there is a massive push towards video on line and this doesn’t look like changing in a hurry, many people we chat with say they’re not sure how they would use video for their [...]

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