We craft powerful brand stories to captivate audiences and listeners into customers.

With so many stories to share, podcasting is certainly growing in popularity and it’s often difficult for people to know how to, or where to get professional podcasts created.

MRL Media has a professional sound booth, all the gear and an experienced sound engineer to ensure you not only get a great podcast recording, but we can take your podcasts to the next level in producing a professional podcast, with advertising and promotional tags etc to allow your podcasts to sound the same as all the professionals.

And yes, we can assist you to get your podcasts onto all the popular hosting sites, allowing you to access your audience both locally and globally. Whether it’s for business, storytelling, educational or just the fun stuff, we can create your podcasts right here in Ballarat and share them with the world.

If people want to know the more technical elements of our Podcasting services:

  • Professional Recording Booth (based in Ballarat) – 4 mics
  • Record remotely at events, business functions or at other locations etc. – 4 mics
  • Director and Producer services available
  • Record at broadcast quality
  • Options to integrate phone calls, Skype, On-line interviews etc directly into podcasts live (integrated with all mics)
  • We can create intro, outros, ads, promos etc.
  • Options to also video/record podcasts productions and livestream
  • Assist with distribution of podcasts to hosting sites (Google Podcasts, Podcast ONE, Apple Podcasts etc.)

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We don’t put anything in a box, talk to us about your podcasting needs and we’ll create a quote to suit your goals and budget. Please contact us on +61 3 5339 6109 or email studio@mrlmedia.com.au

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We don’t put anything in a box, talk to us about your video needs and we’ll create a quote to suit your goals and budget.

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